Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CRPS AWARENESS FUNDRAISER--November 1st-November 15th 2014

To help in creating awareness and money for CRPS, I am selling Scrapbooking & Card Making kits.  Kits are $25 + shipping.  For each kit sold, I will be giving CRPS PIP $5!!!  CRPS PIP is a wonderful group who help people with CRPS get medical services or equipment that they couldn't otherwise afford.

Each Kit will have:

  • one 2 page scrapbook set themed in Autumn
  • 4 Cards (with envelopes)
  • ribbons, sequins and other items to embellish your finished projects
All items will be PRE-cut and PRE-stamped so all you have to do is grab your favorite adhesive and get started!  This would be fun to do by yourself, your children, OR with a LARGE group of friends!

Example of a card we'll be creating:

I will be posting more pictures of the complete kit soon.

Payments should be made through PayPal ( and I will be shipping kits throughout November.  I will have items shipped within 4 days of receiving payments.  

Help me Help other Put out the Fire!

Be Blessed,
Renee Musgrave

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