Friday, August 7, 2015

Where has this Summer Gone?

Where in the world has summer gone??? It feels like yesterday that the garden was planted by my husband and son. Months since Vacation Bible School and my son gave his heart to Jesus. Months since I crocheted baby blankets. Months since making newborn hats to donate to our local hospital. Months since canning spaghetti sauce, salsa and corn. It feels like we should have months and months more of Summer-watching the flowers open, bees obtaining the precious pollen, and the hummingbirds gathering the nectar from the feeder, sitting on the porch swing watching the cars go by. Monday starts the first day of homeschool for my little one. He's so excited and I'm excited for him too. As I look around our Schoolroom/craft room there is so much more work to do to get this house in order. More than I can do in one evening with CRPS. I've surprised our little man with schoolroom purchases, posters and all the NEW items that say, SCHOOL IS HERE! As soon as I get the schoolroom ready I will post pictures. I want his first day to be the best day! I even have an idea for the first day of school picture-found on Pinterest. It's the cutest and will look GREAT hanging over his bed after the photo is taken and in the scrapbooks. I wish all moms and dads well with this new season and chapter. It's such a blessing to see our children growing up. At the same time I'm reminded of a movie quote from "FINDING NEVERLAND" by Johnny Depp, "Boys should never be made to go to bed because they always wake up one day older". Before we know it they are in college and moving on to marriage or careers. With this new month I plan to hug often, love more, and never waste a moment! He will leave home before I know it! Now I just need to get a scooter to go to the state fair! Bring on the Fair Food! To go to the Fall Festivals and getting out to watch the trees changing to other beautiful pallet of colors that God created. Take care and God Bless! Ren'ee