Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CRPS AWARENESS FUNDRAISER--November 1st-November 15th 2014

To help in creating awareness and money for CRPS, I am selling Scrapbooking & Card Making kits.  Kits are $25 + shipping.  For each kit sold, I will be giving CRPS PIP $5!!!  CRPS PIP is a wonderful group who help people with CRPS get medical services or equipment that they couldn't otherwise afford.

Each Kit will have:

  • one 2 page scrapbook set themed in Autumn
  • 4 Cards (with envelopes)
  • ribbons, sequins and other items to embellish your finished projects
All items will be PRE-cut and PRE-stamped so all you have to do is grab your favorite adhesive and get started!  This would be fun to do by yourself, your children, OR with a LARGE group of friends!

Example of a card we'll be creating:

I will be posting more pictures of the complete kit soon.

Payments should be made through PayPal ( and I will be shipping kits throughout November.  I will have items shipped within 4 days of receiving payments.  

Help me Help other Put out the Fire!

Be Blessed,
Renee Musgrave

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Getting Ready for CRPS Awareness in November

I'm usually on my blog a lot more.  I apologize.  I fell at work last year.  When I fell it should have gone away quickly but it didn't. Life dealt me a different hand. I was diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome-CRPS for short.  After being told I would always have CRPS and be partially disabled, I was released from Workman's Compensation.  I have been treated by my own doctors.  My new doctor sent me to a Rheumatologist who also diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia.  I have TWO very painful conditions.  Somedays I feel okay with my Spinal Cord Stimulator and pain medicine.  Other days I have to take a lot of breaks.  

I've always been very in control of my life.  I also have a servants heart.  I've created a Facebook group called "Christians with CRPS".  I've also donated a few crocheted items for an auction to CRPS PIP.  They are a lovely group who help those with CRPS receive treatment and things they need.  Here's what I donated:
Hope Scarf in Orange for CRPS-$25.00

 So, I've been busy getting over the news of having both CRPS and Fibromyalgia.  I've been serving others by helping promote the cause.  If you would be interested in a Hope Scarf in a different color email me at

Don't forget to wear ORANGE on November 5th for CRPS Awareness Day!

Renee Musgrave