Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Most Glorious Time of the Year!

I am SO sorry for not posting anything sooner.  I started working with a new doctor.  Between visits, my condition (which slows me down considerably), 2 major holidays, a wedding, my son's 10th birthday party and every day family life--I've been SUPER busy!

This Christmas season, my family really focused on putting God and Jesus Christ back into Christmas.  Even though we had all the seasonal trimmings-Christ was at the center where he deserves to be.  We were all very thankful-especially for getting to see my step-son who is in the Army.  We are so proud of him!

I've started branching out with my crafting.  I am crocheting right now.  I made the CUTEST Hello Kitty ear warmer and scarf for a young relative.  She really liked it.  I also gave my cousins 3 children the handmade scrapbooks I made over the summer.  They were ecstatic.  They told me they couldn't wait to fill them and see what all the pockets and papers were for.  I was very pleased that I could bring them joy.

I am currently working on a crocheted throw for our living room.  My hubby thinks he'll be using it-but he'll have to wait his turn.  LOL

Take care and as always  STAY CRAFTY!

Lots of Love,

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